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But I care ...

23rd August, 2011. 2:22 pm. guss there was an earthquake in VA

Noticed here in NY that the shower doors were rattling like the wind was blowing against them. There is no wind that could get to them. Turned on the radio and heard news report. Just before 2 pm they were playing Rush so it was a surprise to everyone.

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23rd April, 2011. 5:03 pm. Beware - received Yahoo IM phishing message around 4 pm today.

Received message from Stripedshire who is a friend of mine. Called him. He said that he received a similar message from one of his friends this morning, but was unable to log into the site link. Told him that I received message below just before 4 pm. He said that he has been away from his computer most of the day and is not accessing it now.

stripedshire: hey just asking, why did you put a sexy pics in your yahoo pics profile http://owned.name/1/yahoomainphoto im kinda shocked when I saw it. im just curious thats why im asking. (3:57 pm)

happypup_ny: Hi. just getting up. I didn't. Not to my knowledge. checking link now.

stripedshire: go here http://owned.name/1/yahooprofilepic ad sign in, and you will see the pics im taking about.

happypup_ny: ok

stripedshire: one sec be right back. (4:00 pm)

I thought it was suspicious because the address started out with "owned.name". Website it takes you too looks like a yahoo mail login site. But, the web addresses are not https:/login.yahoo.com/*, but http://www.yahoomainimage.2byehost7.com, and http://www.yahooprofpics2.byehost7.com respectively. Noticed grammar error "a sexy pics". And, I don't have any pics on my profile to begin with. Got message on my cell phone YIM, so went downstairs to my old mac. Google search identifies owned.name as a company out of Dallas.

Suggested that his YIM account might be compromised at this point, as he would have given this false site his username and password when attempting to log in. Suggested that he should attempt to log in from yahoo.com, and check out his profile (where notifications are sent - alternate e-mail addresses), and change his password - if he can still log into it.

Told him that I would put a warning up on LJ and facebook to give my friends a heads up and to try to warn our common friends on YIM.

Posting this publicly instead of friends only.

- Pup.

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11th September, 2009. 2:33 am. furry con meme

I'll join in.

The conventions:
Anthrocon: 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
FurFright: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and beyond :)
FAUnited: 2007

Other furry events:
Crimson and Clover's New Year's Party: 2005
PandaGuy's Picnic: 2005
The Political Party: 2008
Foxmas: 2008
Panda Trek: 2009

Honorable mention: Frozen Oasis and CakeCon.

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16th January, 2009. 2:42 am. "... and, mercifully, die."

Below is a description of the effects of a rare sleep disorder, according to the MSN article: http://health.msn.com/health-topics/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100230507>1=31036

"Hallucinations and paranoia begin to take hold and eventually deteriorate into a state of dementia, according to the 'Merck Manual'. Soon, they slip into a coma-like fog and, mercifully, die. The whole process can take as little as seven months or as long as three years. There is no known cure."

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10th August, 2008. 4:23 pm. The Dark Knight - a little late. Looking forward to The Watchmen.

Finally went to see The Dark Knight last night. Now I'll grant you that although it was a Saturday, it was the early evening showing (6:30 pm). And, I did get their early, 6:15 pm. But, I didn't expect to be the first one in the theater. lol There were 9 of us total when the movie started. Almost like a private showing. Yes, I liked it lots. :)

Since everyone has probably discussed the movie already, I'll leave a comment about the production in general. I hope that The Watchmen will be of a similar caliber when it comes out in March. :)

I bought The Watchmen back in 1990 (or maybe 89), during my graduate school days on a whim. It appealed to me. Probably because I was not really into traditional comic heros/villians. I really was never into comic books growing up in the 1970's. Used to go to a comic book store back then only because I had made friends with a guy who was big into Spiderman. He would check out Spiderman and the Green Lantern. I discovered, and used to buy "Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children" - a small production by Piranha Press that no longer exists, had no super heros, and I wish was still in production today. But, that comic book is in no way related to the Watchmen. All that I can say is that once I started reading it, it was a book that I couldn't put down. And, I've read it more than once as it still holds an appeal for me.

I love The Watchmen. Can't wait for it to come to the big screen.

- Pup.

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31st July, 2008. 1:12 pm. Does anyone own a pellet stove? Any recommendations?

O.k. Replace furnace for $2983 according to the one guy that looked at it. But, should get a second opinion. And, if $5/gal. a minimum of 600 gallons is also a minimum of $3000 for oil.

I was looking at a wood pellet stove this year. Primarily heat with it, and use oil as the backup - like when I was away for weekends and not there to maintain the pellet stove.

Looking now at getting a propane wall-mount ventless heater with a blower. They go for about $300 at Tractor Supply Company, don't rely on electicity so it will run even without electricity - which a pellet stove requires to run the auger. Say 30-35,000 btu, and I figure it will keep the pipes from freezing if gone for a weekend.

Now, wondering what size and type of stove to get. Wood pellet, Avalon - Astoria model, or the Lopi - Yankee model, are basically the same. But, cost 3500-3950 out here at the stores I've been to. And, they are getting harder to get. Harman is only taking orders for 2009 at this point. They produce 45,000 btu's and say that they can heat up to a 2250 sq. ft house.

My friend is selling St. Croix corn stoves. I'm seeing him tomorrow to look over them. There are corn sellers up here. I don't know how it compares to wood pellets. Looking at another stove store today.

Any experiences, good or bad, about wood pellet or corn stoves? Thanks.

- Happypup.

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12th July, 2008. 11:54 pm. buying for the future

I owned 7 cd's before owning a cd player.

I owned dvd's before owning a dvd player.

Tonight, I bought a "universal component video cable (extra long 8')" from the local Wal-Mart. It was on clearance for $10.00. It allows either a PS2, PS3, Wii, or Xbox 360 to attach to my hdtv. For now, I have placed the package under the tv stand for the day when either I own one of those game systems, or someone stops buy with their system and wants to play.

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30th June, 2008. 4:57 am. Home from AC.

479 miles later, it is now 4:57 am. Left Pittsburgh around 5:45 pm, so some detours and rest stops along the way making 7.5 hour trip 11 hours. But, more later. Time to sleep. Hope everyone else arrives home safely.


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6th June, 2008. 10:50 am. Oil (heating) - thy name is expensive!

Last year, I didn't get onto a budget plan as moved into the house back in October. Fortunately, it came with a 3/4 full tank. Bought the minimum (150 gal/delivery), ran out once, and by the end of the season, I will need a new blower for the furnace come this Fall.

(3.68-3.85/gal * 150) * 3 = a lot of money last Winter. But, guess it is not enough for this heating season. :( ($5/gal * 150 would equal $750! Filling the tank (275 gal standard size) would be 1350, if we are lucky and it is only $5.00/gal. I look at rising diesel costs, and shake my head knowing heating fuel costs are just a little lower per gallon. I didn't fill it last year when it would have "only" cost 1050 each time.

My mom recently paid 4.46/gal when they topped her tank off (94 gal. in May). They won't be back till the Fall again. She has been with this company and on a budget plan for years. Her oil company just mentioned yesterday that the budget plan will probably be 450/month! - subject to pricing later this year when they finalize it!! Ouch!!! Got to find out what she was paying last year.

I'm paying 400/mo. now for gasoline. (120 mi. daily commute * 4) + (friends/anything being at least 1 hour from me). ~ 30,000 mi/yr. on the car has been my norm even before now. Can't cut that cost down much, and it might rise if the Senate passes Lieberman-Warner now, or any other "global warming initiative" with the next administration in 2009.

I have a chimney and took out an old woodstove that didn't meet code when I moved in. I'd like something that I can run during the day when I'm not in the house to keep it around 55-60, and not burn expensive oil. Some night, like yesterday, I didn't leave work till 2:30 am, so I need something that is self-maintaining. I'm thinking a pelt stove might help cut heating costs. Talked briefly to some about it a few months back. Just wondering if anyone has experience with them, and what is a reasonable cost for a stove, and for pellets (per bag/ton I guess).

I'll probably swing by a wood stove place and a gas station that I know sells pellets to get an idea on their prices. But, interested in knowledge outside of their potential marketing angle. Are they practical to heat the house (1680 sq feet, well 840 if I don't heat the upstairs and live on the first floor this winter). Or, are they not practical when attempting to heat a large space because of the/size of the one you would need?

Thanks for your collective wisdom and insight.

- Pup.

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19th May, 2008. 1:56 am. Death Note - Live Action Movie Tue (20th) and Wed. (21st) @ 7:30 pm only nationwide.

A friend recently introduced me to Death Note. I have watched the first anime DVD and like it. Thought I'd mention this in case someone wasn't aware of the Live-Action movie showing this week.

I saw a poster for it this weekend by chance as leaving the theater after watching Iron Man Saturday night.

Google "Death Note Movie", and it will pull up an entry where you can put in your zip to see if it is showing near you.

There is also a website about the live-action film: www.deathnotefilms.com I'm sure there are other sites to get information from also.

Hoping to leave work early on Tuesday to catch it if I can.

- Pup.

Update: Missed Tuesday. Last two tickets sold to the two people in front of me. :( Fortunately, was able to buy a ticket for tomorrow. Hopefully, it will not be sold out. I say this as there was no crowd behind me, and only 10 of us at the ticket booth around just before 7:30 pm. If things work out, then I will be able to leave work around 7 pm to get to the theater at Crossgates again - just in time.

I do have to set up connections for a server tomorrow before I leave as it needs to be online by the end of the week for the application being ported to it.

mood: still excited. :)

Current mood: excited.

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